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Deep Tissue 

Good for muscle/nerve pain, stiffness, stress, injuries & sleep. 

A deep pressure treatment that eases tension in the muscles, improves mobility and relaxation. Especially helpful for those with injuries or chronic pain including Sciatica by breaking down adhesions and scar tissue, clearing nerve channels and bringing oxygen, circulation and movement back. The best regular all-rounder to allow your body to soften, heal and restore whilst picking up on specific issues. 

Neck, back & shoulders 

Good for back/neck pain, head-forward postural pain, injuries, headaches, insomnia, stress & anxiety, RSI, TMJ, long periods sitting at desk, text neck. 

A massage for relieving specific muscular tensions and pains caused by postural habits, mis-alignment and injury. Using a combination of deep tissue techniques and trigger point therapy, aches disappear and range of motion returns. Circulation is boosted and nervous system calmed to help stay relaxed and aware in those areas. Includes home-care advice to support you beyond the treatment.

Recommended if you suffer from a stiff neck, back and shoulders and work more than 3 hours a day infront of a screen, try this lightweight laptop stand. It corrects your working posture going forward and maintains it while you treat past pain with massage.

Massage for cyclists 

If you're a regular cyclist and want the exercise without the stiffness or lower-back and neck tension, make this treatment part of your routine.  Massage is worked with stretching of the lower back, hip joints and quad muscles are opened to relieve pelvic area of repetitive movement and increase mobility. Quads, hamstrings, gluts  and calf muscles are loosened, lengthened, free of tightness and prepared for future rides. If you're on a racer then neck and shoulders are included to prevent stiffness, rounding and align head posture. You'll even learn stretches and poses you can do at home to support you. 

Runners - legs, hips & lower back 

Good for ahletes, rehab of the hip/knee/ankle after injury. Muscle spasms, scar tissue, high-heel wearers & standing at length.

A treatment to soften and re-align the lower half of the body. Cross-fibre techniques loosen and lengthen tight hamstrings or quads caused by running, training, workouts, sitting or standing for long periods. Strokes and pressure points are used to locate and soften fibres and bring back supple muscle tone. You will learn greater body awareness to improve performance and help prevent further injuries, maintain good posture and receive specific stretches and poses to practice at home in-between sessions.

De-stress - shoulders, neck, stomach & hands 

Good for stress & anxiety, digestion, RSI, working long periods at a desk,  breathing, trauma & improving self-awareness. 

An ideal choice if you feel stress in your mind is transferring to your body. This treatment tackles both and uses mindfulness techniques to help relax you and bring your attention to the present moment in the body.  Chest-opening massage aids deeper breathing, knots in the shoulders and neck are broken down and muscles stretched to feel soft, lengthened and more aligned. Hands, wrists and fingers are relieved of stiffness and RSI, and gentle stomach work treats digestion and bloating; if you hold anxiety in your stomach this focus softens abdominals and guides you towards staying soft and functional in this area, making deeper breathing easier and without thought. (Stomach optional).  

Ayurvedic yoga massage

Good for yoga lovers, stiffness, posture, tight hips / chest.

90 mins of restorative active massage for lower back pain, tight or misaligned hips and restricted movement. A simply fantastic all-rounder, combining hip, shoulder and lower back assisted stretches with a deeply relaxing massage treatment. Traditional Indian deep tissue techniques are used with Yoga-based stretching in a wide range of positions and stretches. Similar to Thai massage and carried out on a large comfortable mat, your body is taken through movements it doesn't usually see, and massaged there to give a complete rejuvenating and body opening experience.

Acupressure chair 

Good if you have less time, office or mobile-based fully clothed massage for back, shoulder pain and stiffness, RSI, neck tension,  headaches and insomnia.  

A shorter 30min loosening, mobility massage to relieve upper body pain. This works by stimulating pressure points along the spine, arms and hips and unblocking channels to restore movement, function and energy flow. It is also shown to relieve anxiety and improve sleep. This is a fully-clothed treatment on an adaptive massage chair.

Limited mobility

A rehabilitative treatment for those with impaired physical mobility or wheelchair users. Depending on the consultation and your individual needs, massage strokes and stretches are used to bring energy and movement back into the fascia, improving posture, boosting circulation and relieving stress.  


Suitable for women over 3 months' pregnant and who are feeling the strains of their body changing. This is a nurturing and relaxing treatment for an aching lower and upper back and legs,  opening the chest and shoulders, for stress and poor sleep.

Massage with your baby 

A slow and deeply restorative practice focusing on relieving tension and overuse in the neck, back, shoulders and hips often caused by awkward or repetitive carrying and feeding patterns. Deep tissue strokes are combined with relaxation techniques to soothe aching muscles and joints and improve posture.  

Thank you again for a wonderful massage today - I feel so much more movement and less tension in my shoulders. And thank you also for being so accommodating with my baby.                                                                         -Zoe

I didn’t realise how tightly-wound up I was until the overwhelming relaxation I felt when Jenny had finished.

She also used generous amounts of great-smelling organic cold pressed oils on me and explained the healing benefits of each. I have had massages before and can honsestly say this left the others behind.                             -Corinne S

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